The Rat Club (originally named 'The Order of the Rat') was first just an inside joke. In the town I grew up in, the people here were referred to as 'The River Rats'. Partly because we lived right on the river; mostly because there were always a bunch of rats. But when Covid first hit, we were able to transform this 'inside joke' into something a little more... homie. Something unique that we could spread to the world (that wasn't the bubonic plague or rabies).

Here at The Rat Club, we take quality seriously. Our goal is to make a limited supply of quality clothing that you only need to buy once (rather than a shirt that doesn't survive two cycles in the wash). There are far too many brands out there that just want to take your money without giving you a long-lasting product. Follow our washing instructions and these clothes will survive countless washes.

At the end of the day, you should always enjoy what you wear because clothing is how we help define ourselves. Whether it be as 'River Rats' or anything else, you should love the way you look for years to come.

Never forget;
First you are born a rat
Then you die a rat
In the end, we're all river rats to something